Written & Directed by Jordan Chandler
Genre: Absurd Comedy/Arthouse
Running Time: 15mins
Format: Digital
Year: 2019

Email: jvmchandler@gmail.com to watch

mãe is a macro lens into the female gaze. It is a mundane and humorously absurd documentation of the daily routine of an unemployed artist in her late 20’s. Her ticking body clock compels her to contemplate her candidacy for motherhood and a spell of nostalgia opens a door to a more intimate space for self reflection.

mãe explores a woman at home and the mundanity that often suffocates and traps us in our own obsessive mindscapes. The long empty frames are my interpretation of nostalgia and a reminder of the cause and effect we sometimes leave on people and spaces around us. It’s also an encouragement to think of our female protagonist outside the 4 walls of the gaze.